Since I can’t sit around and write about butterflies and flowers all day, I derive pleasure from creating content for organisations and individuals who need it as a freelance writer! I specialize in copywriting as well as the provision of blog, website and social media content. I won’t blab on any further, if you need my services, check out some links to my work below.

Guinness Nigeria

6 Reasons Guinness Has to Celebrate



The 945 Life (Website Copy)

Win up to N90,000 Cash on the 945 Game Show

Win up to N90,000 Cash on the 945 Game Show (Naija Loaded)


Orijin Zero

3 Characters That Always Show up at a Nigerian Party 


Mcdowells (Social Media Content)

McDowell’s Monthly Social Media Content 



4 Amazing Beaches in Lagos You’ve Got to Visit This Christmas

5 Cool Ways Liveoo is Sure to Light up Your Weekend 


Smirnoff Nigeria


7 Moments We Never Experred at Smirnoff House


Connect Nigeria

CNTV Meet The Boss: Tito Ladipo Femme Fatal

5 Ways to Show Love This Valentines Day 

3 Ways to Ensure Your Week Gets off to A Great Start 

The Nigerian Gene; 4 Hidden Qualities That Every Nigerian Has 

How to Network Your Way to Jobs and Opportunities 

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking


Journ Africa

Choosing From Rotten Apples

JJC’s- Are we Ignorant or Enlightened? 



Dictating Sexual Relations in Nigeria

Sex Education and Religion in Nigeria

The Business of Begging in Nigeria

Nigeria’s Wealth That Never Trickled Down

Abortion in Nigeria; The Silent Taboo



Accommodation; Mainland Vs. Island

Transportation: Wheels on Fire 

The Man Scarcity; What Every JJC Should Know About Dating


All Africa

Nigeria-Let There be Light- And There Was None


Mente de Moda

Mente De Moda Promises To Save You Costs Even As You Upgrade